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Default MCPro: Nuendo7 + Nuendo8 AppSets

Last week I updated from Nuendo7 to Nuendo8.
On my MCPro I duplicated my AppSet "Nuendo7" and renamed the copy into "Nuendo8" which is working fine with Nuendo8.

Now, this Nuendo8-update turned out to be very disappointing and under-developed, so I decided to work on both Nuendo7 and Nuendo8, both running on the same Mac Pro, to have the best of both worlds.....

Unfortunately, my MCPro doesn't seem to sense that there are actually 2 instances of Nuendo running, it -randomly- only connects to 1.
I renamed the duplicate of my "Nuendo7"-AppSet but "I know vaguely" that there is some header inside the XML-file which decides to which App the MCPro is officially listening to. Can someone help me getting both Nuendo's talking to my MCPro?

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