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Default Syncing imported audio clips

I've been trying to sync an incredibly simple snare drum roll that is in 1/16th beat tempo to my existing project and everything that I read and find on YouTube tells me how to sync the ("track") to the music clip. Isn't that backwards? I want to sync the music clip to the existing track, not the other way around. If I do that, I'll be re-syncing the entire project to each and every new music clip I import. Surely, that can't be right.

I have tried the stupid "Beat Detector" (which seems to do nothing). I've watch the same stupid YouTube videos over and over, carefully trying to make certain that I haven't forgot a step and the end result is always the same - friggin nothing happens! This is my third weekend in a row just trying to figure out this one stupid thing. Can anyone help me since 90% of the time I will be importing pre-recorded instrument clips into Pro Tools and trying to sync them rather than trying to play every instrument.
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