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Default Re: Anyone else ever get this Waves error?

Thanks 2 Bit. Unfortunately this can't be the case as I first installed Waves at 2.8.1. I had an older version on CD with the used system I bought, but downloaded 2.8.1 and installed that rather than installing the older one. Here's what Waves support sent me:

Hi Tom,

The COnyx error is a message indicating that the C chip on your card is 'maxed out.' I am attaching a small .pdf file that explains the chip usage. If you ever get a lock up with this error, please give us a call in the tech office at 865-546-6115 and we can get it fixed.

This confused me a bit because it doesn't really explain why I would get this on rare occasions with a session that usually opens fine. At any rate, the doc they sent about chip usage is great to have. I put it here if anyone's interested:

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