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Default Re: Poor solution to the CPU Spikes

Why another thread ?

Well to share my solutions and help people... I think that's worth it. I could have just keep it for myself and calling it a day too....

Avid trying to help a customers is not wasting their time. If they think that then it is even worse than I thought..... Because I already created a case at the support describing all you are asking for. But I'll do it again then :

My mac is a Macbook Pro mid-2015, 16Go RAM, i7, SSD internal.
OSX 10.12.1, Retina. No external display.
Buffer size always to maximum. Sample rate well that vary. I've done them all fron 44.1 to 96k.
Why not upgrading the OS ? Because EVERYTHING works absolutely fine on this computer so I'll not take risk upgrading the OS just for Pro Tools to maybe act better. I have a friend with the exact same configuration that upgraded his OS without any change happening.
I read everytime "But the new version reduce those issues" and everytime I try it it doesn't. I feel at some point upgrading is almost used as an excuse for not having a proper solution. But still, my friend tried, and no success.
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