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Default RAM for ProTools and Mac Mini

Tele Player has convinced me (with his excellent report) to replace my eMac 800mhz with a Mac mini (I've already got a buyer for the eMac). I'm going to get the 1.25 version (and I'll throw it in the trash can 1 year from now when the G5 version comes out) and purchase a Lacie FW external drive to go with it.

My question is in regards to RAM required by PTLE.

Keep in mind, this system will be for Basic PTLE demo purposes and not for doing 32 track (bursting with plug-ins) mixes.

Since there's only 1 slot, I'm really not sure of what to do.

Does a bit of Reason + PTLE require 1GB of RAM, or should 512MB do the trick?
I don't want to get 512 and toss it in the garbage in 6 months when PTLE 7 comes out.
At the same time, I don't want to pay a premium for something I don't need.

Should I get 512 from Apple or 256 from Apple to be replaced by 512 (or 1024) from Crucial/Micron?


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