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Default Re: Connecting C 24 to a Hearback headphone system

2x 192 here. (24 x 24 analog)
1-6 out for 5.1 monitoring
7-8 out main cue A (PF send F)
9-10 Cue FX-B (PF send G)
11 MM-Cue C (More me mono)(PF send H)
12 MM-Cue D (More me mono)(PF send I)
13-14 MM-Cue E(More me Stereo)(PF send J)
13-14 or 14 only sometimes get used for live foldback situations.

Main Cue Monitoring via monitor ST-1
More me and FX cue monitored from C/24 Line mixer returning ST-2 (Also PFL/AFL)
Note: I'm looking at a Mute or solo mod here or a simple sum - solo outboard.

All the above I'm revisiting on my patchbay for a bit more elegance in the way I CR-Monitor.

My Tracking template is 24 Aux (Bank 1) for recording level rides post remote pre-amps.
24 audio tracks (Bank 2) CR. mix, headphone-cue etc.
Master bank for mu master outputs (CR and Cue).

PS the 1-8 outputs on the c/24 are for the mic/line 1-8 outputs. Likewise for 9-16
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