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Default UAD2 + Win 7-64 + ProTools 9 Reflections

As others have noted, the subject combination works poorly, at best. When I first tried the UAD2 card in my newly-installed PT9, even the simplest UAD plugin barely worked (popped and crackled and stuttered). I also observed that the Pro Tools CPU activity monitor showed a lot of action for RTAS plugins, even when nothing was going on. I also note that I had the Pro Tools processor count set to 8 rather than 6. Other postings have said that some of the processors need to be available for UAD and other uses.

I have been able to get things working, somewhat, by setting the Pro Tools playback engine as follows: 2048 Bit Buffer, Disk buffer setting: level 4; large, delay comp: long, CPU 95%, Processors: 6 (out of 8). This setting was suggested by Trep in the "Pt9 & uad2 :-/" thread.

This is on a Intel I7-960 cpu board with 12 GB RAM, one UAD-1 (which seems to work OK) and one UAD-2 DUO (plugged into a PCIE slot with a dedicated IRQ), and Pro Tools 9.0.1. Also, the UAD software is the current version.

With this setting, the UAD plugins usually work, although I see a lot of action in the Pro Tools CPU activity monitor that is not present when the UAD plugins are not used.

Note that the UAD plugins are VSTs that have to be wrapped into RTAS.

Looking over the many postings on the UAD and AVID forums, it seems that UAD2 works fine with other DAW programs under Win 7-64, but not with Pro Tools. Combining that info with the settings listed above leads me to wonder if the problem arises in conjunction with the RTAS wrappers and/or the Pro Tools buffering. The RTAS plugins must differ in their DAW interface in some way from their VST counterparts since the wrapping process is needed. It seems that all the other DAW programs use raw VST plugins.

I also observe that the UAD VST plugins differ from other VST plugins in that they refer to external hardware for execution rather than executing totally within Pro Tools. This external link probably requires some sort of buffering and handshaking between the VST software and the UAD2 board which involves Window 7 (since, as I understand it) all access to the computer hardware must flow through the OS (unlike earlier OS's where the software could directly get at the hardware). In turn, Pro Tools also probably has some handshaking and buffering with its internally-processed RTAS plugins (whether native or wrapped VSTs). I wonder if the problem lies in this double layer of handshaking / buffering.

There seems to be a lot of mutual finger pointing between the Pro Tools, VST wrapper, and UAD camps about this problem. Since I understand that UAD is now working on a true RTAS implementation of their plugins, perhaps they will talk to the folks at AVID and sort this out. One can only hope.

I am cross posting this to the UAD forums in an effort to get some dialogue started. In the meantime, I'm not using my UAD2 plugins - they are too much of a hastle.
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