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Default Re: TPDF vs. POW-r Dithering

i am have been reprinting more and more and bouncing less and less. even on simple things. i have begun to dither and SRC in BARBABATCH.

i have been messing with the Dither on the Sony Limiter. it has Type 1, 2, 3, 4 & TPDF. they have their different applications. TPDF, for me, does not work on just voice. Type 1 does. but i got TPDF to be the preferred method on a music mix. it is nice that you can adjust the percentage of shaping from 0-100%. a lot about the dithers are explained in the sony manual.

as for POW-r, i roughly agree with what has been said. i rarely use 2 because i often find that the high end sounds a little harsh. 1 is OK, 3 sounds best to me on most things.

...but it depends on the material...
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