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Default Re: 16" MBP - Anyone Get One yet?

Yes you are right, I was brain farting on the last i9 gen in 15" MBP.

But again, be careful of assuming CPU marketing part numbers tell you the whole story. And again the high-level point is there are a lot hardware changes in these MBP even if they might seem like a cosmetic upgrade. Frustratingly many of the improvements look great... (I would likely upgrade my 15" if it worked) which is why lack of Catalina support from Avid is so frustrating in this case. While doubtful it will happen I've been actively looking all over for info on Mojave support (should have made that clearer in my post).

But I hope... with the New Mac Pro Cheesegrater coming I assume Avid has to make Catalina support a high priority.... lots of the important to Avid video & post industry should be lining up for that box.
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