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Default Re: dabastards soundfonts


Hey, I was hoping you'd drop in Roy. Just like old times... without all the D-verb floppy authorization threads.

Hehe.... ...D-Verb, Mac/pc flame wars, 24 audio tracks, no ReWire......we were badass....

I had to go find another place to truly get my flame on(no gay jokes please ) and get slapped around because of my leftist leanings.

Anyway.I will be coming here for a long time as I think the next piece of hardware I buy will be the Mbox 2 Pro when I get the dough. I'm stuck on 6.4 and my ol DELL 1.7 Pentium 4. Quickly moving into dinosaur mode. I have been going through the cold dark days of getting serious as a music producer. Jus kiddin. There was alot more to learn than I had realized when I started this hobby.

Thanks Dabastard for the green light. I sorta lost contact with this collection of SF's because I had so much on my plate and then someone from another site asked me if I knew of an acoustic kick drum that had the sound of the snare metal thingy's added to it, I was looking around and seems like there might be one that sounds like that in your SF's.

Anyway. Glad all you fellas are doing well and I wish I could help more than I do here but there are so many people that know thier stuff that the easy stuff,that I can handle,is already dealt with.

Thanks again for the killer SF's. I'm gonna upload it to "yousendit" and create a link for it if anybody is interested.
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