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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

Originally Posted by nigelpry View Post
Teej, I would say this ...
1) The source I’m quoting from is Avid’s official announcement here in the Licensing and Accounts section of the DUC.
2) At the bottom of the email I received at 17:52 (UK time) today from Avid, which officially informs me of “Upcoming price adjustments”, the link it provides for people wanting more information is .... the Licensing and Accounts section of the DUC, not facebook.
3) This would not be the first time that erroneous information has found its way onto the street via facebook.
Sure, however the Facebook post is from Tope Domingo who seems to work for Avid as some kind of communities's not a complete rando post.

That version of the Q/A includes one extra question and is worded somewhat differently. Pro Tools Expert reported on the Facebook post saying it was Avid releasing information directly and are currently quoting that release, not the one on the DUC. It seems Avid have two press releases circulating with conflicting information, and while the e-mail suggests to believe the one on the DUC, many people at this point will have only seen the one on Facebook or on Pro Tools Expert. What a mess.
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