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Default Re: Considering going from HDN to HDX - Any downsides?

Originally Posted by clonewar View Post
I have a smooth running PT Ultimate / HDN setup on a powerful Windows workstation (HP Z820, 24 core, Win 10 Pro), but am considering moving to HDX2 to access more hardware I/O. This is mainly for mixing, only a little tracking. I use a lot of outboard hardware via inserts and am hitting the 64 I/O limit and would like to add more Symphony or Avid I/O boxes.

I know the differences between HDN and HDX, what I'm wondering is if there are any downsides or gotchas in moving to HDX. Is stability generally the same between both platforms. I've read about issues when mixing DSP and native plugins, but assuming I used all native plugins and hardware inserts should I expect any issues?

On the other hand are there any upsides in my situation (besides accessing extra I/O) in moving to HDX? Will there be any differences with hardware inserts?

Thanks for the help!
I always record with DSP plugins (Of course!) and switch to Native when mixing. I found that HDX is far better at handling native than TDM ever was.
I dont have any problems using all native plugins while mixing.

Sometimes I dont switch all plugins from DSP to Native (but I tend to do so, dont want to do DSP / Native /DSP / Native trip for nothing) and it never caused any problems.

I have a mid 2010 Mac Pro and have some fairly large mixes. When I run out of power, it's when I use a lot of very cpu intensive plugins.

But I never made the test to switch one of my mix to core audio , just to see if I would gain some cpu headroom, but I doubt it would be the case.

Hope this helps.
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