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Default Re: Auto Align Post at The Dub Stage

Tried the demo today, it's absolutely fantastic and a real time saver.

Tested it on a multi-actor scene with 2 Booms and 6 Lavs - One thing necessary to know is which boom is covering which actors/lavs. It's not as simple a case of selecting boom1 and having boom2 and all the lavs sync/phase matched to it - this resulted in some phasey-ness on lines covered on boom2 - but we can't expect to have the machine do everything now can we!

Every new plugin is making the process more and more automated. This and ABDX are real game changers in DX batch processing and should become standards.


EDIT - used the boom mix track as a reference and everything aligned perfectly - of course this will all depend on the quality of the mix track.
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