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Default Re: Air plugins DAE ERROR 7054

Air plugs started giving me runtime errors and non of my instruments would load............always giving me a DAE 7054.I went back to 7.4 and everything runs as smooth as a baby's *****.Calling my Sweetwater rep in the morning and demanding a $250 refund.Considering I spend well over $5,000 a year at their store I expect a full refund.This PT8 upgrade is the biggest failure in digi's history imho.My clients can not wait for digi's f#ckups.From PT6-7.4 has been totally stable.PT8 is a nightmare and it ain't the fault of my pc either.7.4 never gave me 1 issue whatsoever and PT8 should be the same if digi knew what they were doing.Cheers!
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