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Default Re: Best Recording Levels

Please read some basic material about digital recordings. If you record at 24 bit at a level of -20 dBFS, it is the same as recording at 16 bit and losing the resolution of the highest 8 bits. Recording with a level as high as possible at 24 bit will results in a better sound with a higher resolution. You can compare it with taking pictures with thousands colors or millions of colors (what is exactly the difference between 16 bit graphics or 24 bit graphics). If your outboard mixing board or analog equipment can't handle the level, then lower the analog trim, or recalibrate your analog path, or MITB. It is not an urban legend, it is all about science and mathematics...

Btw, I have a PT 24 Mix with 888/16 interfaces and I have a PT HD 7 Accel with 24 bit 192 I/O's. They are all calibrated the same way at +4dBu. So I gain 8 bits of resolution with PT HD 7 Accel and the 192 I/O, recording at 24 bit, while the actual output level (in Volts) of both systems (16 bit and 24 bit) is identical. So this proves that recording at the same high levels at 16 bits (in PT Mix) or 24 bits (in PT HD) gives you 8 bits more of resolution and a better sound but not a higher output to your analog stage...
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