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Default Re: Best Recording Levels

Originally Posted by digilogin View Post

that is incorrect. you do not get digital distortion per se under 0dBfs.

Excuse me? Your comment doesn't in any way relate to what I was talking about... go back and reread my posts, and if you need me to, I'll explain after that... I'm not even talking about digital distortion, I don't know where you got that from?!?

Originally Posted by digilogin View Post
recording reasonably "hot" does indeed have an advantage as far as resolution [more bits being used for the lower amplitude information resulting in more accuracy there].
This is a common misconception about sampling... it's completely urban legend. There is no more "accuracy" recording hot than recording quiet. All you are doing is pushing your analog noise UP into the higher bits and in essence making your recordings MORE noisy by doing so, not to mention all the information I mentioned about VOLTAGE!!!!

If your mic and mic preamp have an SNR of 80dB, yet your recording medium has an SNR of 120dB, HOW IN THE WORLD IS RECORDING HOTTER MORE "ACCURATE"? It's the same accuracy... a bit is a bit, doesn't matter if it's the most significant bit or the 20th bit. So long as you are above the noise floor of the recording system it doesn't matter if your signal peaks at -2dBFS or -12dBFS. It's the same waveform regardless, one is not "more accurate" than the other because it was recorded hotter. All you are doing is driving your electrical components out of their ideal voltage range...which was the topic of my posts to begin with...
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