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Default Re: Best Recording Levels

Learning begins with humility. If you can't admit you are/were wrong, or if you can't admit that you don't actually know something, then you can't learn.

I DID originally post a reply and a correction to your first post without being harsh. It was you who chose to overlook the facts presented within my first response by adding your subjective rebuttal.

If you had just read my original post with the same intent as my second, and tried to learn from it, instead of trying to use subjective opinion to refute my facts, then my second post would never have been written. In a lot of ways, I would venture to say that little comment I made focused your attention on any information that followed.

I apologize if you feel that ignorance has negative connotations. It really doesn't, the Merriam-Webster definition is "lack of knowledge, education, or awareness". By saying "showing your ignorance" i'm not saying "you are stupid", I'm saying "your lack of education in this area is showing", which are two totally different things. Being a great musician/producer/arranger doesn't automatically mean you have to be a studied electrical engineer. If you aren't exposed to these subjects, how are you expected to know about them? You're not!

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