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Default Re: 7.3.1cs4 & cs5 Clocking Bug

MattG - I just tested this without a problem using a SyncIO in standalone as my clock source.

Do you possibly have another clock source you could test with, to help narrow down the cause of the problem?
Just tested it through a Lynx L22 card which resides in a separate PC. If I set it as the master clock & feed it's wordclock out to the 192 Digital I/O I get the exact same issues as I was having using the HEDD as the master clock, this was using a different wordclock cable too. Just to make sure it wasn't something weird with my session, I set the 192 digital I/O to internal sync & it happily opened sessions with different sample rates back & forth with no problems. This is only a problem when clocking through wordclock with an external clock set to 'master' & pro tools set as 'slave'.

I often get this message 'A timeout occurred interacting with an audio interface' if I try to change the 'Hardware Set Up' clock source to external 'Wordclock'. This has been happening in earlier versions of Pro Tools for sometime, but can get around it once I re-select the 'Ext. Wordclock Output' to 'Wordclock' it usually syncs up fine again.

But since 7.3.1cs5 I have been getting some new errors like this... "Unable to set the sample rate to the selected value DSI error = -1125". I've even had it say, 'unable to reacquire hardware, please quit other applications & try again or quit' even though I'm not using the digi core audio driver at all. It's like the hardware set up portion of the software isn't reliably communicating sample rate changes effectively to the hardware.


Something is definitely wacked with these newer releases when it comes to clocking externally & changing sample rates.
Matt - Do you have a single 192 IO in your setup, or several of them? If you have more than one, have you verified that loop sync cables are all firmly connected and/or have you tried changing them, just in case there may be a defect in one of them?

I'm going to test this on a couple other systems to see if we can get a repro case...
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