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Default Re: Spirit Digital 328 as I/O w/ Adat Bridge

Hi bob,

I use the psx-100 for two-track AD conversion -> ADAT bridge via AES/EBU.

PT outputs 16 tracks to Spirit 328 via adat opticals. I send the mix back to the psx-100 for super quality DA monitoring and for the ability to stick an analog insert chain whilst mastering / mixing. (that is another limitation of the spirit 328 - no master analog inserts).

You don't need the psx-100 but it does improve the sound quality on any AD/DA conversions . I also clock everything - ADAT bridge / 328 / outboard from the Psx-100 (Superclock) which has a superior spec clock.

You can link 2 328's together for more digital ins/outs. I don't particularly recommend the built in dynamics and eq.

This setup has been exceptionally smooth for the last two years.

trust that helps
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