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Question PT 8 not working properly with new MacBook Pro

Just got the new MacBook Pro i7 and I have problems running PT M-Powered 8 with it.

Install PT8 went fine and I'm using the M-Audio Fastrack Pro, but here are the problems I encounter:

-Launching PT works up to creating a new session. When I name it and attempt to save it I get a "PT Mpowered 8 quit unexpectedly" window every time.

I did some research on it and found a solution: PT8 is a 32bit program and the MacBook is 64bit and by pressing "3" and "2" while booting up it will switch to 32bit. This does seem to work as I can now create a session without any problems. However, all the audio in the session now have static noise present and I have a hard time believing you would really need to do this everytime you wanna run PT even if there is a fix for the static noise.

Any help would be appreciated,


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