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Default Re: EZ Drummer & Pro Tools 8.04 Help

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Re. imaging(and drive cloning), read this thread: and check out Acronis True Image(for PC users anyway).
I use Acronis. You will have to first install it on your system. However, like all of these types of programs they like to do constant backup and will bring a quad core to its knees. So please remember to do the following:

* Make a backup of the Acronis download.

* After you do your initial clone, you'll see an option to create a bootable CD that has the Acronis software on it.

* uninstall the software.

* from this point on whenever you do a drive clone, do it from the bootable disk.

Store your clones to an external USB drive like a WD My Book or something like that. 2TB isn't that expensive. You only need it connected when you're cloning.
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