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Default Re: AIR Creative Collection not working after install

Originally Posted by skelly991 View Post
I don't see where this "avid instruments" is. All I have in my downloads are AIR creative collection. And virtual instruments for Pro tools 10. Why dont I have this installer? How do I get it?
Are we talking about the AIR Creative Collection/Avid Instruments or the AIR Virtual Instruments Box Set/Pro Tools Instruent Expansion Pack or PTIEP? The former is included for free with Pro Tools and contains MiniGrand, DB33, Vuacuum and Boom. The latter which consists of Velvet, Transfuser, Hybrid, Strike and Structure was always a paid option.

The AIR Creative Collection was updated to the Avid Instruments for PT11. There should be a download link on Avids website. I looked the other night when I originally replied to your post but couldn't find it. The site was however undergoing maintaince at the time. There should be a separate download for the Avid Instruments with the rest of your download links.

As far as the PTIEP goes. We are still waiting for AIR to release a AAX compatible version.

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