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Default Re: Space Activation is required

Sorry for the confusion here.

Space was included with the original Upgrade and Support Plan which we later split up. Space and Eleven Effects were then part of the Plug-Ins and Support Plan ($99/yr). In late 2017 we introduced the Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle ($49/yr) which included Space and many others. The Plug-Ins and Support Plan was discontinued since you could now get way more plug-ins at half the price.

We started including Falcon over a year later, so it didn't technically replace Space. (I'll find your case and follow up with the CS rep.)

As far as the 'missing' license... a Pro Tools Plan or Pro Tools HD Plan license handled the authorization of Space as a bonus plug-in, and it looks like yours expired in April 2020 (should have actually expired in 2018 since it doesn't look like you bought/renewed the Plug-Ins and Support Plan back then).

Hope this clarifies things a bit.