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Default how to run Xpand?

Hi guys, I'm totally confused by the PDF readme's and was hoping that someone could tell me the 4-5 steps that it takes to run Xpand? I just got an Mbox 2 yesterday and spent several hours downloading updates and installing them. the anticipation is killin' me

Currently I've got a 2.8ghz P4 HP laptop with 2gb ram running xp pro sp2.
I'm running PTLE 7.3 and have created a new project with 3 tracks -- audio, MIDI, and instrument.
my Novation Remote25 is my midi keyboard of choice for the laptop.
I have many years experience using cubase and logic, vision and reason, but I've never used midi with
protools le until tonight. i've been bumbling around with it for over an hour and am stuck.

when i play notes, I see activity in the Xpand level meter and in the mix window it appears that I'm recording notes. Record is activated as well as play. but i hear nothing, even with the volume on the mbox cranked up. i know that the headphones work but it's also weird that when i import audio to a 4th track, it also makes no sound when i hit play -- it doesn't even move the meter for that track.
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