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Default PTControl 19.5.1 does not change open plugins as it was

Hi there
Since i updated to 19.5 or 19.5.1 the software does not work as it has been the last years.

I open an EQ via PTControl (This still works)
In every former version i clicked into another track on the computer monitor then automatically the eq of that track was opened. This was a very nice thing as I always had the EQ of that track open. Now it just close the plug and does not open any eq on another track.

This behavior is also broken for sends and pans.
Since everything is broken the software use useless to me.
Does anyone have the same behavior?

Support could not help

3x PT HD Ultimate 2019.10 6/12-Core Westmere/ 48 GB / OS 10.12.6 / 96 I/O / 192 I/O / Omni / BM Intensity Pro (Driver 11.4.1)
1x PT 2019.6 / MacMini Server late2011 / 16 GB / OS 10.13.6 / 002
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