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Default Re: Pro Tools 10 for a band

You might consider PTLE 8. Its authorized by its Digidesgin interface and you can pick up used systems cheap. Its got most of the features of PT9 and PT10. It's certainly good enough to compose and share ideas with. The same goes for PT9. You can pick up used licenses cheaply. About the only gotcha is that the members using PT 10 would need to consolidate any tracks using clip gain and save the sessions in the PT9 and earlier format. Not a big deal. Also 11 Racks are currently being sold at 639.00 various places on the web and they come with PT 10. Theres a lot of ways to get everyone on board without breaking the bank. The other big question is will their computers run Pro Tools? Depending on what you ask of it PT can be demanding on the hardware and unforgiving in regards to hardware.

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