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Default Pro Tools 10 for a band


I am looking for purchasing Pro Tools in a specific context:

In my band, we are working with several DAWs (Ableton, Studio One, Samplitude, Pro Tools), on our one side, yet I am willing everyone to pass on the same program: Pro Tools 10, that I really like for to reasons:

- I can help the other members of my band to use it efficently
- It can be found in most Studios, so that might enable us to easily put our pre productions in studios, and easily re record our tracks.

Thus, I would like to know if it is possible to put one licence on several ilock keys, so that we would need to pay one licence (even if for the additional installation it would cost more) for the band.

It would not be buying Pro Tools for myself, but for my band.

We are 6 persons, and I work with two computers, so that would make one licence on 7 ilocks.

Thank you for your answer!

Jean-Baptiste Trichard
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