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Default Re: Impossible to start Pro Tools on MacPro after downgrade Mountain Lion back to LIO

Originally Posted by DESVED View Post
Well ... trying to upgrade to mountain Lion on my Mac Pro 2009 even if the Apple specs said it was ok ... it didn't .. so I reinstalled Lion ... nothing wrong so far ...

Before upgrading ... My Pro Tools 10 was working fine 10.3. ...

since the downgrade I tried like 10 times to reinstall Pro Tools ... even went down to 10.2 ... but impossible to open PT anymore ...

the moment I open the program it shuts off instantly ... in less then 2 sec ...

I already uninstalled 10 times ( standard and extended uninstall) reinstalled ... but i always end up at no start at all ...

I even threw away all Avid related files in libraries ... etc ... still nothing ...

it probably had something to do with the trouble trying to upgrade to Mountain Lion ... but the downgrade to Lion works all good on any other program ...

so Im a bit blocked in options after 3 days of trying ... anyone have a tip ??

Thank You for your time.

When you reinstalled Lion did you wipe the drive and do a totally fresh install?

What version on lion have you updated to? And did you use the "combo" updater

Have you installed the ilok driver?
Is the ilok plugged in yep I've seen that one before!

What interface? Or using built in audio?

A fresh install of lion and fresh install of PT along with the ilok driver and the interface driver if using one and it should be working fine.

PT MAC Troubleshooting...

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