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Default Re: AVID WAKE UP! Switching from Pro Tools to Studio One Instructional Video Released

Originally Posted by Barry Johns View Post
I have to be honest, with this much hype is I've read lately regarding studio one v3, I watch a lot of these videos, and I have to tell you I am not impressed at all. Actually I find a more turned off to that DAW then I thought I would be.

I still think ProTools/avid, needs to get their head out of their butt, but I'm not so sure that studio one is a competitor that I thought it was.
It's not. Tracking and mixing is a no go.

But for production/composing it's super fast. Just drag and drop VI's and tracks/midi channels/etc are created instantly. It's drag/drop/play. All the bounce/freeze/MIDI options are on point. The internal studio one VI's sound blah! but all 3rd party stuff works fine and efficient. My one issue is that I still can't get the IMPACT drum thingy to bounce a mono pad to mono. Always stereo and I have to split.

The mastering side has all the modern compilation/export conveniences and is super fast.

For me the category of "Production/Composition" DAW is like how many regularly switched hardware synths and workstations, but cheaper. At any time I can be using Logic, Studio One, Live, Fruity Loops. They all excel at different things/sounds.
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