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Default Re: Arturia servers down?

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Yeah we just updated Avenger and Nexus3 so no more eLicenser which is a bit weird as we are the few who really like to have licenses on ilok and the eLicenser as it feels ”safer” somehow. Cloud authorisations you have no real control over so I am just happy we have our 2 tech interns who loves keeping everything up to date and we can just forget it. And yes they are PAID interns.

When I think about it maybe it is not that strange Pigments aren’t in the V7 as you said Jack. It is a separate synth and $49 ain’t that much but in Euro with tax it is 30 bucks more, comes out to 77.69 USD so we got it just now anyway because I wanted to stop thinking about it hehe

Thanks for the info and we had a super easy install of V7 Collection and the ASC thingy. No issues and have run it 4-5 times this week as they had a few updates as did Nexus3 and both went super easy!

Still would have liked iLok auth but thats just me
And not just you with iLok as a preferred authorization mechanism. I like the dongle system whether it's iLok or Vienna Key (aka Steinberg key). I don't have people to take care of IT issues - it's me/myself/I and maybe my wife to help with the hardware when I can't get to it. I'm more than capable to work the software end but at 67+ (68 next February 20) I don't need those hassles.

For all it's warts digital recording still beats the pants off of having to align & bias a tape deck
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