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Default Pro Tools Perpetual

I bought the Eleven rack from Thomann back in 2011. It came with a full licence for Pro Tools 10. I have been using the PT10 ever since and recorded many albums with it. But I for years I have been ready to move on to a newer PT version. The problem I have:

I can't remember my Avid account from that period. Not the e-mail or password or anything. How do I move on. I would be willing to buy upgrade for a perpetual version of Pro Tools but I really don't want to buy the whole thing again. Just the upgrade.

I still have the Ilok and I have the receit that I truely bought the full version of PT10 etc. What are my options. Don't want to learn Logic and keep on using PT but the updated version so I could also update my computer and so on.
Thanks to everyone that can help out with this problem!
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