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Default Re: 2018 MacMini experiment on ProTools HDX

Originally Posted by The_Armoury View Post
I don't mention a DigiLink Mini anywhere...??

Yes I have used HDX for about 4yrs and HD for 10 before that.

What I am asking is:

If you have build a Mac Mini rig with the specs as the OP has stated (and it is stable) like the OP's could you please post what i/o box you have connected to the HDX card. Is it a AVID HD, Lynx Aurora (n) etc etc.
But, but, what the interface is... Omni, HD IO, 192 IO, MTRX, Aurora, etc. **should not matter** to the first order. If you think it does that seems a specific detailed question quite different than this thread, which is why your question still seems strange.

Just a suggestion, but I think you would get better help here by providing information about what exact issues you are seeing and ask specifically if people see them with their HDX rig (and what config they use... and are you running HDX1, 2, 3? etc. is likely relevant). If you put that in a separate thread with a related title that will probably get more responses.

I have found that has OSX & PT have progressed my rig has become more unstable. So I am interested in what interfaces stable users are using as that is also part of the 'stable' equation.
And there are many factors that can cause Pro Tools problems, not that we even know what you mean by "unstable", but I would put stuff to do with the actual type of DigiLink interface well down the list of typical issues people run into (e.g. most AAE- errors, ASSERTs and silent crashes). The actual DigiLink interfaces/communications to the interfaces is as simple/dumb as a rock, different say than USB or Firewire drivers, which is why I'm lost here. I would worry about interfaces if I was having problem like the interface box dropping off the DigiLink, not talking to its config/hardware panel, not communication to Pro Tools at all, etc.
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