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Default Need help patching Behringer XR18

Greeting Protools Jedi, I'll try and stuff as much info into this post.

I'm just moving to Protools from LogicX and am having an issue getting things up and running with the hardware in my basement rehearsal room.

The flowcharts look like this:

I have the XR18 connected to a macbook via USB.
I have a Mackie Control Universal Pro connected to the XR18 via MIDI
The XR18 sends back to P16 monitor mixers via it's "ultranet".
I control the XR18 via iPad app.
I use the Mackie Control to control LogicX (now Protools)

What I want to do is:
Record 18 tracks from the XR18 into Protools
Playback 18 tracks from Protools back to the XR18
Use the Mackie Control to roll/playback/scrub Protools.

With Logic I was able to patch each rail for input XR18 1-18 and XR18 output 1-8. This way I could play back the multitrack files (flip the source on the mixer from LINE IN to USB) and practice against the band similar to a virtual soundcheck.

So far I've gone into SETUP\HARDWARE and the XR18 is in there. When I go into SETUP APP and the XR18 is in there with 18 inputs and outputs. I open the ProTools Aggregate and unchecked the built in microphone and output (just guessing at that).

I've gone into I/O Setup and both the input and output are showing the 18 channel cascade.

So far I can record all 18 tracks in Protools but when I playback they are mixing down and returning 1-2. <facepalm>

I've included the flowchart of the stereo workstation that I would mix any recordings. I'm not sure if there is one setup that would let me move projects from one room to the other without having to repatch by hand.

Could anyone enlighten me to what I've overlooked? I can't find anything in the lessons or Youtube.

Much thanks in advance.

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