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Default Re: Using VEP6 with two Macs to offload CPU ??

Originally Posted by James Ivan View Post
Hello Musicman691,

Thank you so much for your reply.

That was one issue I thought could be a problem; the two machines operating different OS.
The problem is, I appear unable to update the MBP any further as it is so old.
The thought of selling both machines and buying two newer systems had crossed my mind.
Alternatively, investing in a custom built PC with tones of horse power??

I had read on VEP website that two keys would be required but that is good if I only need one.

They are not fusion drives I believe.

So, PT runs from iMac and MBP hosts say for example EWQL?
That should he enough to run that for sure.
Keep Waves and NI etc on iMac also?

Something you may want to look into and I can't say for sure but it looks like you may be able to update the MBP further than El Crapitan. One source I have says it can be updated to the latest OSX but a lot depends on what video card is in there. Someone or another source more knowledgeable than me should be able to answer that.

Where to put Waves? As I said if you run like the way I do and want to be able to make changes easily in the mix then keep Waves plugins on the machine you have PT on. NI is another matter especially running Kontakt. In a two machine system I'd put Kontakt on the server machine along with it's sample library. What makes the NI ecosystem interesting is that there's a number of effects that can live quite happily on the machine you have PT on (again if you want to run like I do).

That is something only you can answer and that's how you want to work. There is no right or wrong way but at least for me and flexibility's sake I like to apply and effects inside PT.
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