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Default Pro Tools and VEP6 - Mac is Freezing!

Hi guys

Having the weirdest issue - Just got PT2018 and VEP6 working sending my kontakt virtual instruments to Pro tools via a Slave Network machine
All working fine in terms of playback and routing but then after jamming for a while - BOOM! mac either completely freezes or just restarts by itself

I have never had my mac freeze running pro tools and my kontakt instruments (or for any other reason to be honest) So i expect it must have to do with Vienna Ensemble network streaming
That or the mac just completely ran out of CPU and memory - something is spiking it - I have no idea

Hugely frustrating!

Any ideas?

My specs
MBP touchbar 2017 2,9ghz i7 16Gb ddr3 RAM
macOS 10.13.6
Pro Tools 2018.10
Vienna Ensemble Pro 6
Kontakt 5
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