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Default Re: HEAT (Harmonically enhanced Algorithm Technology)

Originally Posted by LSD-Studio View Post
dammit, I'd love to try it.

I'm one of those idiots on a G5 though, so no Intel-->no PT8.1-->no heat.
I could perhaps afford a new Mac, but all my HD cards are PCI, so I'd not only have to shell out like 2500 for a Mac but another 10k or something for a PCIe upgrade.

=> if I wanna try HEAT I'd have to shell out like 12-15K or something to build an entire system. Ghey.

does anyone have an idea if there'll be a HEAT version for 8.01 in the future? (I know, I'm being way too optimistic here )
If you have a G5 it means...

Nothing past 8.0.1cs2.

No 8.1. No new interfaces. No HEAT.

One will also note that 8.1 will only work with Snow Leopard, and is the very last build for HD systems still on XP. Time to move on to the future, folks.

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