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Default HD OMNI - No firmware, can't install one.

Good day,

One of our HD omni had no firmware installed in it.
This happened because of a software update gone wrong / interrupted.
There is no way to reinstall a firmware in it, even through DigiTest.

When powered on, the HD OMNI has an amber LED, nothing appears on the PREAMP and MONITOR screens, and the fan is blowing hard.

During the update process, Digitest tells me to hold the "Set" key while rebooting, even though this button doesn't exist on this hardware.

Then this message shows up "Firmware update aborted: Couldn't establish communications with the SYNC HD. Please power cycle it while holding down the set key."

We tried the procedure with every keys available on the OMNI, to no result.

There's is no help online, I tried many computers, many digilink cables.

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