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Default Re: S1 knob always writing

Originally Posted by robingshore View Post
I'm also having this problem with the 5th knob on my S1. I've had this S1 since April, but did not start seeing the problem until now (worth noting that this S1 was actually a replacement for another faulty unit I had earlier which also had this same problem as well as the 50 second fader timeout issue). I contacted Avid support about getting this unit replaced and like lucas f, I was also told I would need to ship the faulty S1 back to avid before they can send a new one. I emailed them back asking if they could ship a replacement unit first, before I sent my current one back and even linked to Eddies post here where he says a new unit should be sent first, but they have not gotten back to me after nearly 2 weeks. Eddie (or anyone else from Avid), if you see this can you help me get things pushed through?
Can I get your case number please?

This is the current policy for S1 returns: S1 Returns/Warranty

Unfortunately, we had difficulty getting the faulty units back and had to readdress the policy. We do turn them around quickly and pay postage both ways.
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