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They are HD cards and here is what you need to use them:
Pro Tools HD software(up to version 10. 11&12 will NOT work)
The HD software requires an iLok license(so you need an iLok and iLok account)
A digilink-equiped interface(such as a Digidesign 96 IO, 192 IO, OMNI or HD IO)
some preamps(the above IO boxes have no preamps except for the OMNI)
A monitor controller(unless you get the OMNI)

Given your current lack of experience and the complexity of HD systems, I would suggest 1 of 2 directions:
1-if you don't mind spending the few thousand dollars for the required hardware and software, I would seek out a local, experienced Pro Tools user and pay them for some help getting things up and running.
2-remove the cards(they might fetch you some cash on the used market) and go with a simpler configuration. What would this option entail? Tough to answer when we know nothing about the computer, SO, click the link near the top called Help Us Help You and post a Sandra report. Once we see the details of the computer, what ports it has and what version of Windows, then we can give you some detailed advice on what to buy to get going
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