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Default Re: 6-core vs. 12-core MacPro w/ ProTools

Originally Posted by Eric Lambert View Post
I'll be using 2019.5, so core distribution is much improved over previous versions. I do know that single-core operations will be slower on the 12-core due to its clock speed, but most of the apps I use employ all cores.

I do use Vienna but it's never pressed my CPU too hard, and I'm 99% certain that it uses all cores (there are preference settings related to this). Plugins that do eat CPU are u-He products, Output's Arcade (terribly buggy, especially when taxing the CPU), and of course some of the modern reverbs.
The VE Pro app itself uses multiple cores but does the VE Pro plug-in in PT do so too, or for that matter any other single plug-in instance? My point is I do get VE Pro CPU spikes on my trashcan 12 core when an instrument track is record armed and the PT dual buffer thing comes into play. This is on demanding Kontakt instruments though.

Just out of interest Iíve run my Kontakt stress test session in 2019.5/Mojave. It wonít play back and just locks PT up. It DID play fine in 12.6.1 (PTs best ever version for me.)

That said the BIG variable is I was using Kontakt 5 in 12.6.1 and Iím now running K6. Disappointing though. Iíll try Kontakt 5 later if I get time.
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