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Default Intel MOBO and Core 2 Duo Intstalled but have issues

Just installed a new intel MOBO with a 3.0 ghz Core 2 Duo processor into our existing ATX case. After a little tweaking with the BIOS...turns out you have to set the internal hard drive to IDE instead of the other option at which it was set (something like ACHI?)...everything is working fine and heavy plugin session that once choked with the Pentium D we had, are now running effortlessly.

However, we had an issue with sessions wherein the Master channel had several disengaged (not bypassed, but disengaged) mastering plugins...EQ7, Smack, L3-16...that when engaged, froze pro tools is permanent scrub mode. It turns out that in the very same sessions if I simply deleted the disengaged plugins and then re-inserted them, everything worked fine, I think, but I haven't done it enough times to be sure. Anyone else see this happen? I've seen "frozen in scrub mode" topics on this forum so there must be some history on this issue.

System: PT 7.1 with cs updates and Windows Home XP sp2.
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