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Default Re: HUI Issues with Icon Platform M+ and PT12 Mac

Originally Posted by Sir Hannes View Post
Nice to hear I think I replace my almost new Korg nanoKontrol2 with one unit (without the screen, too expensive). Also I like to modify it if I need it for composing in LogicPro with Kontakt.

What do you mean with PSU?
Yep, would deffo be a step up. You can always get the screen later down the line anyway. Give me a shout if you get stuck setting it up as I am now pretty clued up!

Regarding the PSU. Once I got the firmware finally sorted, the transport worked but not the faders. Icon suggested the PSU might be at fault, it should power up when not attached via USB. It had done this before as I had calibrated the faders and they all wizzed about fine. But when I tried it as pretty much a last ditch attempt to fix it, there was no power once I unplugged the USB. I tried a different PSU I had lying about and it worked.

Later I found that the included PSU was fine in another socket. This however wasn't the source of my issues to begin with, hence not making a big dal of it on here.

Hope that makes sense
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