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Default HUI Issues with Icon Platform M+ and PT12 Mac

Hi People!

Had an excellently frustrating day trying to get my Icon Platform M+ control surface working with PT 12 on my Mac! Hoping someone out there can help

My System:

Pro Tools 12.8.3
Mac Pro
OSX 10.12.5


I will try not to bore you all with the long story but instead tell you where I am currently at.

I now have the Icons transport working, it will also select on tracks and toggle through the session. When I move a fader the corresponding fader in PT will move, but not the other way round. So eventually the faders are "dead". They do not snap to the value in PT.

I have set up the peripherals correctly, selecting HUI and the Icon as the "receive" and "send to" and channel 8. The icons settings also seem fine the Midi Studio, reporting as connected and beeping cheerfully when in test mode and prodded.

As well as the lack of functionality I am also getting the "Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power-cycle HUI and check its connections. Note, if HUI is not in use, update the Peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings" error message.

I have tried updating the Icon firmware and as far as I can tell it's all up to date (V 1.0.6) I have even done this on a PC as the Mac SW is buggy.

I have trashed preferences, updated etc and am at a bit of a loss. Will be a shame to send this thing back.

Is ANYONE out there successfully using this unit with PT12 Mac?

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