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Default Re: Pro Tools vs Reaper

I've just joined this forum to see how protools has progressed since last using it over 10 years, ago and am thinking of going back as a "delivery software" to send to any PT editors, for TV, Commercials and Film

I jumped to Reaper too, and love it although if we are honest, it does so many things, 10 times over that its a bit of a cluster**** even after spending days on actions and macros customizing it.

My only jump in to this great thread, is that if a lot of you are jumping from Pro tools to Reaper, how do you deliver to people who are working down the line and want PT sessions?

I would like to use Reaper as its quicker and faster, but most Television industry, have no clue what Reaper is. Would I still need PT as an 'end of line' compiler to send out finished cues?
Or do composers/sound designers actually use Reaper and get compatibility with PT?

Just a genuine question before I jump into the Avid waters
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