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Default Re: How do I open Mini Grand from Pro Tools First?

Originally Posted by Dugzone99 View Post
I've located the folder with the Avid plugins. Thanks. I see Expand!2 and about a dozen others but nothing related to Mini Grand. I assume what you do next is describe a new Mini Grand download.

I have what is called an Avid Master Account, also an Ilok account, plus I'm pretty sure I have some kind of Avid application manager like what you mention.

The Mini Grand download is initiated from my Avid Account, from a long drop down menu of other software that came with Pro Tools First. If this is correct, I know how to initiate a new download and follow the prompts. I will not try to reassign the download file location this time.

Where do I check for Windows Admin privileges? Since I was able to successfully download and install Pro Tools First I assume I must already have those privileges. Is this correct?
If you installed Pro Tools First from the same user login then yet you have enough privileges to install the plugins.

What about other plugins that were included in that MAudio keyboard offer? Are they installed and working OK?

It's not perfectly clear if you mean drop down menu on the Avid Web site or within Pro Tools First.

The normal way of purchasing a plugin for Pro Tools First would be via the in-app Marketplace. IU have no clue what mAudio expects you to do here, I would if they did not provide clear instructions you may need to ask them again.

And I would hope that plugin then shows up for download, if nowhere else then in the Avid App Manager. You should find the Avid App Manager and what shows up there under Plug-Ins?

if MiniGrand.aaxplugin is not in the plugin folder then you likely have not run the installer. Not actually installing the plugin is unlikely something the installer will get wrong (unless you have hacked on and messed up the system, but you don't sound like somebody who would do that).

If you are interested in this stuff and can't make progress with the MAudio offer you can also purchase the Avid annual subscription for the Complete Plugin Bundle for $50 and get a lot of good stuff there, including Mini Grand. But only makes sense if you plan on using some of those other plugins.

That Mini Grand is not just included with Pro Tools First is fairly mind numbing, given that it is so handy, including as a defacto VI for just testing stuff. If you are seriously infested in VIs and say composition, there are also many other DAWs besides Pro Tools First to consider and lots of factors that go into choosing one... including ideally selecting one that folks you know or play with in a band etc. already use.
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