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Default Most Waves plugins cannot be set properly from Avid control surfaces / Avid Control?

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble using/controlling Waves plugins with Avid Dock, Avid Control and Artist Mix, and was wondering whether anyone else is seeing the same.

Not all of the plugins' parameters seem to get mapped to HW controls, although they do show up in the plugins' parameter lists.

One example is the Waves API 2500, where the Variable Release parameter doesn't seem to get mapped to a control, so can't be set without grabbing the mouse. This is the case on the Artist Mix and in the Insert section in Channel View on the Avid Control app.

Confusingly, things turn around when using the Dyn section in Channel View on the Avid Control app. Now, suddenly, the Variable Release is recognised as the only release parameter, while the regular Release parameter becomes inaccessible.

I see this with quite some other Waves plugins, where parameters are not being mapped to a HW control.

Note all of the parameters show up fine in Logic Pro X, but of course, there the Audio Units version of the plugins is instantiated, not the AAX one.

I'm not sure whether this has to do with the implementation of Waves or whether it's Eucon related. But it's definitely strange that the behaviour changes between the Insert and Dyn sections in Channel View.

As a conclusion, the Waves plugins don't seem properly adapted for use with Avid control surfaces (or the other way around) and working purely from the control surface seems impossible at this stage, unfortunately.

Perhaps anyone has further thoughts on this issue?
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