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Default I finally caved and bought omnisphere 2

The usb boxed edition as it worked out much cheaper buying it in AUD locally than buying the download online. I really want RMX, trilian and Keyscape as well, but that will have to be in a couple months. One every 2 months so hopefully by winter i'll have them all (aussie winter US summer).

Standard free post so will be here around wednesday the 22nd.

Tell me what to expect..How's cpu usage on it when playing high polyphony long release pads?

It's basically the ultimate "rompler" right? A variety of ready to play sounds in all genres, with multi timbral capability and it's own mixer with EFX?

Where does it excel for you? What sound category?

How's the onboard synth? Quite basic I once read, but good to layer in with the samples?

If you have Halion Sonic or Halion 6 also, how do you feel it compares to that? I LOVE halion sonic, it's my favourite virtual plugin "rompler" thus far, but it is pretty nasty on the CPU and has a very cluttered interface. Omni interface seems very streamlined and pleasant.

Anyway.. looking forward to it.. I wonder if you can still use it for 3 days prior registration like you could a couple years back?... That way I could audition every sound and see if my imac pro can deal with using a reasonable number of them.. If not, I could just sell it on unregistered (otherwise there is a $50 fee). It's the single most expensive plugin I have bought in YEARS, but I have always wanted it.. I am pretty sure it will give me what i am after, just a ton of usable sounds of various instruments and pads.. like an xpand 2 on steroids.

But would love to hear from others, and how well it works in PT. :)

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