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Default Re: MIDI Timing in LE 7.3.1 is BUGGNUTZ!!

I admit, I'm having MIDI timing problems on a very basic level.

The singer I'm recording hates the standard click sound so I found a nicer clave sample in Xpand and input a MIDI note - on an instrument track with the pencil tool - on each crotchet (1/4 note). I then looped this region to the end of the session.

It just sounds inconsistent. She was trying to record the guitar and telling me that the click sounds 'off' - randomly inconsistent just enough to be noticeable. This is as basic as it gets and very frustrating when the whole point of the click track is to achieve accuracy.

I've also noticed that when I record MIDI info from my MIDI keyboard (Novation ReMOTE SL via USB) it's fine for recording but on playback the timing is off. On zooming in I discover that the notes are actually printed AHEAD of the bar, before I physically played it! I have to select everything and try and manually align the MIDI - a real PITA to say the least.

I haven't tested it extensively so I can't provide more detailed information about the problems (this is all on my PC by the way, specs below) but seeing as I'm having unrelated issues elsewhere I'm trashing my prefs and databases on a daily basis - all general troubleshooting tips applied regularly.

There you go.

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