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Default Re: Are we not due an update??!!

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
If only avid would not have to chase apples tail all the time they might have the ability to actually have forward thinking designs instead of trailing all the time, chasing the latest Apple update

Iím sorry, but that really isnít the case at all. No other developer has the issues that AVID have with OS updates.

Yes, itís is extremely old code base but honestly, thereís apps out there that are getting on to 10-15 years of existence and they do not have these issues. Appleís Mac OS has dramatically changed in that time and yet these developers donít have anywhere near the issues, if any, that AVID has with Pro Tools.

Iíve said this so many times, but they needed to rewrite the app from the core a long time ago. If it meant having concurrent teams with one rewriting and one updating/maintaining the current version, so be it. This is the cost of being in business.

At the end of the day, this is a large organisation, not a mom and pop one man operation.

Iíve used this software for almost 25 years now. Do I want to switch? No. But enough with the excuses. This is solely an AVID issue and they need to address it.

Iím curious. Not being a video guy, does Media Composer suffer the same issues Pro Tools does?

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