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Default Falcon 2.1 AVID now have the Installers

I recently contacted UVI's Head of Customer Services, Thomas Joussot via the UVI Facebook group, who advised me that UVI had already supplied AVID with the 2.1.0 installers (as they had the 2.0.9 installers some time ago)

When I contacted AVID Customer Care, to see if they had indeed received the 2.1.0 installers, Customer Care Representative Jonelle Tagbo responded, saying "We can only see the 2.0.8 Installers on customer's accounts at present"

So I asked if she could refer my inquiry to the AVID Team that is responsible for the UVI Falcon rollout. Here's her reply.

"If I have the 2.1 installers with me right now I will send it to you right away no problem. But unfortunately I don't."

She then immediately removed my inquiry from the 'Open Case' list and I was emailed a (Case Closed) Feedback Request.

So that's what you get for the $199 Annual Upgrade & Support Plan !!

I would strongly advise PT customers who want to see the Falcon 2.1.0 Installers in their accounts to Contact AVID Customer Support and let them know that UVI have told us that the 2.1. Installers are in AVID's possession and request that AVID make them available in the PT Customer Accounts.
Austin McNally
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